Hello I am Cody, a computer science
student at Mercer University

This is my site, built with Prologue, where I display things I have made or enjoy.


Here are some of the research projects, and hobbiest creations I have done.

Mercer University Programming Team: 2017 2nd Place


Independent Project: Chinese Learning Database

Freshman Research: Jungle Digital Archive

Compression Research

Sophmore Research: Compression Algorithms

Stream Assets for WaWa's Boot Camp


Magic the Gathering: Goblin Guide Tribute

About Me


I am Cody Lee, an undergraduate student at Mercer University. I am currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Technical Communications. In addition to my academic work, I enjoy watching movies, learning languages, and playing video games. I absolutely love cooking and eating food. Feel free to talk to me if you see me.